Our Work


Our BioCongo project in the Democratic Republic of Congo brings climate change education to one of the most ecologically and socially vital regions of the world. The Congo houses more endangered species than the rest of Africa combined. Home to the second largest rainforest and largest wetland in the world, its population is among the most exploited in history, due to the richness of the rare minerals found there. As a company, we seek to implement environmental justice for the people of the Congo. By partnering with local organizations and co-creating learning materials with community leaders, we are investing in their education, localized climate crisis response, and resilience strategies.

Image Credit: Anna Kelleher


The Root.ED educational platform brings inspiring stories and practical strategies to a broad range of audiences. Our Root.ED resources use videos and articles to explore unfolding climate dynamics and changing social realities. We pay special attention to the grief, social trauma, and interreligious and interracial divisions that emerge when exploring climate crisis within and without.



BioVillages are sustainable housing communities that go beyond low carbon living. We bring humans and nature together in a mutually beneficial, environmentally net positive way! Each land restoration project is fitted to its local region but with replicable aspects that permit expansion to other regions. BioVillages are founded upon environmental and social justice, co-created principles to build a community with an exceptional quality of life for all.

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